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Publish Date: 2017-09-17
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St. Anna Greek Orthodox Church

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Services Schedule

Weekly Services

(Please note schedule subject to change.  Please call church office to confirm times.)

Sunday Services:  Orthros 8:15 am; Divine Liturgy 9:15  am.  Followed by Sunday School and Fellowship Hour in our Community Center.

Weekly Feastday / Major Saint Day Liturgies:  9 am Orthros followed by Divine Liturgy.

Past Bulletins

Saints and Feasts

September 17

Sunday after Holy Cross

September 17

Sophia & her three daughters: Faith, Hope, and Love

These Saints were from Italy and contested for the Faith about the year 126, during the reign of the Emperor Hadrian. Faith was twelve years old, Hope, ten, and Love, nine; each was tormented and then beheaded, from the eldest to the youngest. Their mother Sophia mourned at their grave for three days, where she also fell asleep in peace; because of her courageous endurance in the face of her daughters' sufferings, she is also counted a martyr. The name Sophia means "wisdom" in Greek; as for her daughters' names, Faith, Hope, and Love (Charity), they are Pistis, Elpis, and Agape in Greek, and Vera, Nadezhda, and Lyubov in Russian.


Hymns of the Day

Resurrectional Apolytikion in the Plagal Second Mode

When the angelic powers appeared at Your grave, the soldiers guarding it feared and became as dead. And standing by the sepulcher was Mary who was seeking Your immaculate body. You devastated Hades, not afflicted by it. You went to meet the virgin, and granted eternal life. You resurrected from the dead. O Lord, glory to You.

Apolytikion for Afterfeast of the Holy Cross in the First Mode

Save, O Lord, Thy people and bless Thine inheritance; grant Thou unto the faithful victory over adversaries. And by the power of Thy Cross do Thou preserve Thy commonwealth.

Seasonal Kontakion in the Fourth Mode

Lifted up on the Cross by Your free will, Christ God, grant mercies to the new commonwealth that bears Your name. Gladden our faithful rulers by Your power, giving them victories over their adversaries. May Your alliance be for them a weapon for peace, an invincible standard.

Gospel and Epistle Readings

Epistle Reading

Prokeimenon. Plagal Second Mode. Psalm 27.9,1.
O Lord, save your people and bless your inheritance.
Verse: To you, O Lord, I have cried, O my God.

The reading is from St. Paul's Letter to the Galatians 2:16-20.

Brethren, knowing that a man is not justified by works of the law but through faith in Jesus Christ, even we have believed in Christ Jesus, in order to be justified by faith in Christ, and not by works of the law, because by works of the law shall no one be justified. But if, in our endeavor to be justified in Christ, we ourselves were found to be sinners, is Christ then an agent of sin? Certainly not! But if I build up again those things which I tore down, then I prove myself a transgressor. For I through the law died to the law, that I might live to God. I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ who lives in me; and the life I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave himself for me.

Gospel Reading

Sunday after Holy Cross
The Reading is from Mark 8:34-38; 9:1

The Lord said: "If anyone wishes to come after me, let him deny himself and take up his cross and follow me. For whoever would save his life will lose it; and whoever loses his life for my sake and the gospel's will save it. For what does it profit a man, to gain the whole world and forfeit his life? For what can a man give in return for his life? For whoever is ashamed of me and my words in this adulterous and sinful generation, of him will the Son of man also be ashamed, when he comes in the glory of his Father with the holy angels." And he said to them, "Truly, I say to you, there are some standing here who will not taste death before they see the kingdom of God come with power."


Wisdom of the Fathers

And see how He also makes His discourse unexceptionable: not saying at all, "whether you will, or no, you must suffer this," but how? "If any man will come after me."
St. John Chrysostom
Homily 55 on Matthew 16, 1. B#54, p.339., 4th Century

"I force not, I compel not, but each one I make lord of his own choice; wherefore also I say, 'If any man will.' For to good things do I call you, not to things evil, or burdensome; not to punishment and vengeance, that I should have to compel.
St. John Chrysostom
Homily 55 on Matthew 16, 1. B#54, p.339., 4th Century


Ministry News


A great big OPA! Thank You to all who volunteered for this year's festival. While the full results are being tallied, the top line news is that our event was very successful and grew over last year. More details will be forthcoming in the near future, but, in short, 'we did it!' 

Our success did not come easily, but was the result very hard work. There were volunteers working behind the scenes for many months planning, cooking and securing donations. During the festival weekend many parishioners and friends came to help. All areas were important to the success of our event. We know it is difficult to volunteer one's time when so much else is also going on in everyone's lives and we are truly grateful for any time people were able to give. Together everyone helped making the Opa! the most successful yet. Working together, it will only continue to get better every year.  Once again, thanks to all!

Registration forms for all 2017-2018 education programs are available at the Pangari or can be downloaded from this bulletin.


SUNDAY SCHOOL:     First day is next Sunday, September 24.

Please register so that we can work out our class lists.  Next Sunday, September 24, will be the first class for all levels.  Students and teachers will be dismissed to their classes after Communion.  There will be a brief presentation to parents following Church services and then they will be dismissed to go to their student's classrooms for introduction.    

We are also in DIRE need of  Sunday School  teachers - please consider taking part in this very important ministry!   Any interested parties can contact Father A or Joanne Diver at


GREEK SCHOOL:   Please join us to "Meet the Teachers" on Sunday, September 24.  First class is Monday, September 25.

We are pleased to announce our new Greek School Principal, Mr. Nickolas Vosinas, whom many of you may know as our inspired Sr Greek Dance instructor.  Kyrie Niko comes to us with experience teaching Language at Piscataway High School, and we are lucky to have him both teach and also set the direction for our Greek School program with the help of our teachers Kyria Anna Kalogridakis and Kyria Lisa Soteropoulos.  

Come meet and greet our Greek School teachers next Sunday, September 24 and find out what our Greek School has to offer!  Please register as soon as you can so that we can work out our class lists. Payment plans are available.

LAST CALL FOR THE PAVER FUNDRAISER:  St. Anna has been conducting its “Pave the Way” Fundraiser all summer long.  You can become a part of our legacy by purchasing commemorative pavers to line the walkway to our Church.  The brochure with all details can be found at the Pangari.  Deadline for orders is September 30, so that we can install them before the winter months.  Contacts:  Evan Sakellos and John Douvris.


Byzantine Music Workshop and Choir:  For confirmation of meeting times, please contact our cantor Stathis directly or through email ( with subject matter "Byzantine Choir.”


Fellowship Hour sponsors needed for the fall!   Please sign up outside the Church office, or contact Dr. Nikolaos Kritharis at or 201-572-3420. 



Saturday, October 28 - Taverna Night.  If you are interested in chairing or becoming a team member for this event, please contact John Douvris.

Sunday, November 5 - Fall General Assembly, following services.  




Bulletin Inserts



STEWARDSHIP:  Stewardship is the sharing of the talents and treasures that God has provided for us.  An Orthodox Christian Steward is an active participant in the life of the Church. The parish encourages all who accept the Orthodox Faith to become practicing Stewards.

2017 Stewardship Status: We have 123 Pledges totaling $154,210 for an average of $1,254 and $117,863 received to date.  We also have 9 families who have contributed $4,535 to date but have not submitted a stewardship card.  It is important that all families complete a stewardship card to be considered a steward.  Current Stewardship List and other stewardship information is posted in bulletin board by water cooler.


We need everyone’s participation to exceed this year’s stewardship pledge target of $175,000.  If the remaining 2016 stewards give at the same level as last year we could exceed our budget and reach a record high number of stewards.


If you have not done so already, we ask that you prayerfully consider your stewardship commitment and submit a 2017 pledge card as soon as you can.

…Remember a rich man is not one who has much, but one who gives much…..

      2017 Stewards
    1. Agrapides, Peter & Stella
    2. Joanna Adrianopoulos
    3. Argiropoulos, Anthony & Amy
    4. Arpastean, Lucian & Liliana           
    5. Athanasiou, Nicholas & Heather           
    6. Balios, Efthimia                                   
    7. Biagini, Maurice & Silvia
    8. Biel, Mark & Irene                                   
    9. Bulzacchelli, Thomas & Valerie *           
    10. Bunce, Daniel & Marianne                       
    11. Bygonaise, Chris
    12. Collett, Martin & Adriane                       
    13. Connell, William & Nikki           
    14. Contos, Constantine & Gary           
    15. Cooper, Ian & Anastasia                       
    16. Costalas, Paul & Josephine
    17. Coutros, George & Lana                       
    18. Coutsouridis, Alexia
    19. Coutsouridis, John & Denise
    20. Diagelakis, Gerasimos & Kristen           
    21. Diamantis, Ioannis & Gerasimoula
    22. DiAndrea, Gerald & Leoni
    23. Diver, Sean & Joanne                       
    24. Doty, James & Kathy                       
    25. Douvris, John & Aimee                       
    26. Fania, Michael & Vicky                       
    27. Ferreira, Jorge & Angela                       
    28. Gacos, Chris & Frances                       
    29. Georgeles, George & Maria                       
    30. Giannouris, John & Tracey                       
    31. Gianos, Irene
    32. Gilman, Cliff & Karen
    33. Giotis, John & Karen                       
    34. Glynos, Kostas & Argie                       
    35. Grina, Peter & Diana                       
    36. Hawes, Brian & Allison Faches                       
    37. Heinke, Michael & Simone
    38. Iliopoulos, Christos & Anna                       
    39. Isaac, Fikry & Irene           
    40. Jimenez, Lee & Deanne                       
    41. Kalamaras, Stella
    42. Kaldes, John & Zoi
    43. Kamnitsis, Christopher & Heather
    44. Kamnitsis, Constantine & Nancy
    45. Kapetanakis, Don & Betsy
    46. Karavidas, Philaretos & Ruth
    47. Katsaros, Peter & Katherine*
    48. Katsiaficas, John & Soula
    49. Kazantzis, Sava & Nancy
    50. Kefalos, John & Jacqueline
    51. Kehayes, Peter & Helen
    52. Kehayes, Stephen & Beth
    53. Kontos, Adamantia*
    54. Kosoglou, Teddy & Roula*
    55. Kouretas, Stephen & Tanya
    56. Kousoulas, Constantine
    57. Kousoulas,Fr. Anastasios & Presv. Nektaria
    58. Kritharis, Nikolaos & Vicmary
    59. Kypridakes, Michael & Asimina
    60. Lambrianakos, George & Helen
    61. Lane, Elizabeth
    62. Lazos, Nikolas & Cindy
    63. Ledgin-Toskos, Stephanie*
    64. Logothetis, Nikita & Sophia
    65. Loukedis, Alexander & Jennifer
    66. Loukos, Maria
    67. Lutkus, Anthony & Vasiliki
    68. Manoussakis, Stamatis & Sofia
    69. Mardakis, Arge
    70. Markos, Peter & Elaine*
    71. Martin, Stephen & Despina
    72. Mavrode, Michael & Demetra
    73. Mazza, Emily & Costa & Poulis, Renee
    74. McElroy, Stephanie
    75. Millett, Matthew & Maria
    76. Montalvo, Maria
    77. Mulcahy, Dr. Wayne and Mary
    78. Nation, Andrew & Sofia
    79. Nelson, Stephanie
    80. Orginos, Helen
    81. Orginos, Irene
    82. Paitakes, John & Linda
    83. Paliatsos, Mary
    84. Panageas, Bill & Margaret
    85. Panayote, William & Deborah
    86. Pappas, Helen
    87. Pappas, Kostas & Lisa
    88. Pelios, Georgia
    89. Peppe, George & Demetra
    90. Pirres, Mary*
    91. Potamis, Steven & Nonna Akopyan
    92. Procyk, Eugenia
    93. Puckett, Brian & Juliana
    94. Rentoulis, Dino & Chrisa
    95. Rentoulis, Nikolaos
    96. Roupas, Daniel & Mary
    97. Rudy, George & Sofia
    98. Sacalis, John & Anna
    99. Sakellos, Evan & Catherine
    100. Sakellos, George
    101. Samouhos, Evan & Melanie
    102. Sfondouris, John & Maria
    103. Shepardson, Lilyan
    104. Sideris, Leonidas & Elizabeth
    105. Skunakis, Steven & Melissa
    106. Soteropoulos, Dean & Elizabeth
    107. Soteropoulos, Marisa
    108. Sotiropoulos, Georgia
    109. Sotiropoulos, Thelma
    110. Staikos, Anthony
    111. Staikos, George & Christi
    112. Stathopulos, Peter & Adriana Julan
    113. Stieglitz, Robert & Katerina
    114. Sutherland, David & Christina
    115. Tattoli, Larry & Maria
    116. Trumpy, Fred & Larisa
    117. Tsatsos, Costa & Maria
    118. Twitchell, Eric & Effie
    119. Tzovolos, Demetri & Arete
    120. Tzovolos, Olympia
    121. Vaporakis, John & Kim
    122. Varas, Michael & Elaine
    123. Vespa, Paul & Fay
    124. Vlahakes, Louis & Anastasia
    125. Wolfe, Richard & Penelope
    126. Wygera, Walter & Constance
    127. Xenakis, Matthew & Viki
    128. Ypsilantis, Peter & Antonia *
    129. Zajac, John & Pegi
    130. Zanidakis, Theodore & Charlotte *
    131. Zannikos, Peter & Amy
    132. Zapantis, Melanie